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Last updated 19 July, 2011.

The Winds of Change Archive

On Monday, June 17 1996 at 7:00 am Central Time, while filming an abandoned farmhouse, David Smith triggers events that cause two completely different universes to be irrevocably merged. Later known as "The Change," it transformes every adult on earth, giving them a combination of animal and human characteristics. And as their still-human children grew up....

When you hit puberty, did you ever feel like you were changing into something inhuman? Well, in this universe, it's literally true.

The many stories inspired by Jon Sleeper's Winds of Change have been collected here in this archive. Over a dozen authors have explored this premise in hundreds of pages. With the exception of Jon's story which started it all, which should be read first, they may be read in any order.

All stories © 1996-2010, their respective authors. If you know of a story that's not here -- including yours! -- point me at it by mailing me at: - otrstf