by DrDizaster


I don't know how I keep getting into these situations, but I do. I held my fists up in front of me, my eyes locked on the person in front of me, who was similarly poised. The faint light of dawn illuminated the alley, mixed with the street lights that had yet to turn off.

His fist flew towards my face, being intercepted by my left forearm. My fist flew in a similar fashion, but he dodged, my fist ending up in his chest, which didn't even make him flinch. I had a strange feeling, but I dismissed it as adrenaline as I ducked a left hook. As I righted myself, I immediately knew I had made a poor choice. In ducking, I had let my guard down, and as I got back up, I felt his fist bury itself into my stomach. The impact was strange though, because as it connected, I felt a tingling sensation over my entire body. He must've hit a nerve.

He swung again, but I was ready for him this time. I dodged to the right, his fist whizzing past my left ear. I reciprocated by smashing him across his face with my right fist. I was momentarily stunned by what I saw.

His face has actually seemed to dislocate when I had hit it. He rubbed his jaw, and even as he did, it pushed out into what only could be called a muzzle. He snarled at me, and took advantage of my hesitation by jabbing me in my nose.

I reeled back, clutching my nose with my hands. Correction, I clutched my muzzle with my paws. I was still shocked, but I knew I had to subdue him before he beat me into pudding. I jabbed at him, pummeling his stomach. He fell backwards, landing with a yip coming out of his mouth. He jumped back up, his tail (Which he assumedly sat on) whipping around behind him. He swung at me again, even as dark gray fur started to cover his body. I was able to block the punch, but I was momentarily thrown off balance as my feet burst from their shoes, and I was pushed on to the tips of my toes. Apparently, this was happening to him as well, because we both pitched forward, our heads butting into each other. We stepped back, regaining our balance. He clutched his head, and I took the chance to deliver an uppercut to his lupine jaw. As his head flew back, I shot a single jab into his throat. His head snapped back down, his eyes wide. With a single wheeze, he fell backwards. I hadn't killed him, but he was concentrating more on breathing again than coming after me. I looked at his wolf-like body, then down at my own, which clearly resembled a lion's. Shaking my head, I walked out of the alley, seeing the early commuters on PCH. All of them had stopped their cars, some of them had even gotten out. I was amazed to see all the animal/human hybrids driving and walking around. Most of them just sat in their cars, too stunned to do anything. Others seemed fascinated by their transformations, and were searching themselves head to toe, in joyous disbelief.

Shaking my head again, I thought about how interesting the next few days were going to be...

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