Betrayal of the Heart
by Wayne Keisler


Up until his first sign almost a month and a half ago, Cory had been a quite ordinary human. He wore glasses and was what most would have called a nerd. He was extraordinarily plain in features and physique. He hated himself mightily. He did not even like getting a bath, as that would mean that he would have to see his puny body in the mirror. His only possible hope was that he would undergo the change soon. Some feared this as a time when they would loose their humanity, but Cory looked on it as an escape from the form that he hated.

He thought often on what he would like to become. He had used his computer and searched the Internet for information on many different animals. In truth, he really had no favorite. He didn't think that he wanted to be bovine though. He had a bad experience with a local bull when he was younger and shied away from them now. Cory waited patiently for the thing he most wanted to happen, but as happens in these situations, the thing you want the most seems to forever elude you. He watched his fifteenth birthday come and go and still no change.

He went on with his life, but his wait constantly nagged at the back of his mind. Then the fateful day, or more correctly night came. He was putting in a late night at his studies, when he felt pain and a warmth pass over his feet and up his calves. He quickly tore off his socks and shoes and saw there was indeed something going on. His toes had fused and turned darker. His heels had lifted and the bones were elongating, as they were becoming digitigrade. His legs looked funny now as the change paused. It was almost as if some type of ruminant's legs had been attached to his knees. He sat in his chair and marveled at them and tried to decide what he was becoming.

He searched through his saved pictures and narrowed it down a bit, but in truth, he wasn't far enough along yet to tell for sure. Cory had been up all night waiting for things to proceed, but nothing else happened until almost dawn. He was drowsing when the fire once more enveloped his legs, this time going past his knees up into his thighs. They quivered with new muscle and were covered by a light brown hair on the outside and white on the inside. The rest of his legs changed also and when they were finished, they were fully those of an animal.

Cory was elated. It seemed as though he was going to become a high degree morph and the thought that he now knew what. A whitetail deer! At least that's what he hoped that he was going to become. He was still looking at himself, when his mother opened the door and squawked," Father, come quick, our son has finally gotten his first sign." Cory looked up at his mother who was a low degree chicken. A less than distinguishing form in Cory's opinion.

Cory's father stumbled up the stairs, having a hard time with them because of his hooves. He had become a goat morph. They had never gotten around to painting the hardwood steps with a nonskid coating, so his father slid as he came up.

Mr. James said," that's my son. You're going to be a chip off of the old block."

"Don't be obtuse dear," his mother said calmly," its obvious that our son isn't going to be a goat."

"I'm a whitetail mother, at least I think that I am," Cory said.

"Ok dear, now lets get you to the change doctor," his mother replied.

Cory was hustled off to the doctor and after a complete examination, it was determined that he was progressing at a goodly rate and everything appeared normal. The doctor confirmed that Cory was becoming a whitetail. He was overjoyed. It was not the first form that he would have thought of, was more than acceptable!

Over the next week or so, as Cory's change progressed, he stayed home from school. The surges wee coming too often to predict, although not as often as Cory would have liked. Things progressed steadily though. He had gained his tail already and his chest and arms were now covered with the brown and white hair. His arms changed slightly and were covered with the same fur and his hands changed the most. His fingers had become more blunt, with larger, harder and black nails. He no longer had the dexterity that he had before, but that was a small price to pay.

The last things to change were his neck and head. His ears moved up his head and became much larger. Antlers sprouted from his forehead even as his face pushed out into a muzzle. His nose grew broad and became black. New scents exploded into his head as the nose changed and then his eyesight got weird.

When the change had finally finished with him and he had gotten somewhat familiar with all the new equipment, Cory made ready to face school again.

He wondered to himself," How are those people going to react to me now?" He felt butterflies in his stomach, but got ready anyway. He had finished all of the lessons that had been sent, so that he wouldn't get behind. He couldn't sleep and had too much nervous energy. He was up early and was off to school. He couldn't wear his old clothes any longer and had to make do until his mother could take him shopping.

His first day was almost a disaster from the beginning. As Cory entered the door, a wolf bumped into him. He panicked and dropped his books, bleated and his flag was up as he bolted down the hall. He had yet to learn to handle the instincts. Cory had run down that hall and an adjoining one before he was calm enough to stop. As he looked up, the wolf walked around the corner holding his book bag. It looked sheepish, if that was possible for a wolf, and said, "I didn't mean to startle you."

Cory kept himself barely under control this time and took his bag back. "Its OK," he said," I just changed and I'm not used to this yet."

"Tell me about it," the wolf named Danny said. "I kept wanting to chase and make a meal of all of the prey animals. That was scary!"

Cory had never thought of it this way and realized that he had many things to get used to. He made it to class and got through the day somehow. Over the next few weeks, Cory came to realize something. He was no longer looked at the same way. The strangest thing was that all of the cervine type females seemed to be attracted to him. He had never attracted a female of any kind before. It started innocently enough with them speaking, then they started sitting with him at lunch and following him around.

Cory was particularly attracted to one certain doe. She was a whitetail as he was and well, Cory found that he was with her, he liked her more and more. It wasn't long before he realized that he loved her. The others, seemingly realizing that they had no chance now, drifted away and watched Sheila with envy. Cory was oblivious to it all. He had eyes only for her. They went out on dates to see movies and were an item around school.

Cory's parents watched their son with happiness. This was the first time that they had seen him enjoy life in quite a while. The one thing that they did worry about was the devotion he was showing to this doe. They knew that he was inexperienced in these matters and also knew how it had been for them when they were growing up. First loves rarely lasted and loosing one you thought you loved was a crushing blow at that age. They fervently hoped that this wouldn't happen with Cory. They could not interfere though. He had to live life for himself.

Cory and Sheila dated for several months and Cory came to love her deeply. He would have readily given his life to save her. He thought she felt the same about him. It was a warm summer afternoon and school was out for the summer. Sheila had called and invited Cory to go with her on a picnic. He was overjoyed at the thought of being alone with the person that he loved. They met and changed into norm form and ran into the forest. Cory had a specially made pack, that fitted him in this form and this was where they carried the food. Cory noticed that Sheila also had a small pack too.

Once they reached a likely site, they once more changed into morph form, having enjoyed the run and laid out the picnic. They watched each other eat and Cory wondered when he had ever been so happy. As they finished and Cory cleaned up the picnic and repacked his pack, Sheila had wandered away. Cory thought that she wanted to play a game of tag. They had often enjoyed this past time before. He laid his pack near the tree and went to find her. He followed her now familiar scent and found her near a brook.

As he neared her he scented something strange! He had not smelled anything like this before. He stood there watching her and drawing the scents in. He smelled the earthy scent of the forest and the water, but the most overwhelming thing appeared to be coming from Sheila! He felt himself getting excited. He loved her and had felt these sensations before, but never like this. Something in his mind clicked and he suddenly realized was it was that he smelled. Sheila was in heat!

Sheila had made her plans months before when the new buck had appeared in the school. She and her girlfriends had a contest going that they could make it with anyone that they wanted to. It was so much fun playing this game. It was kind of like fishing. You baited a hook and once you got the fish to bite, you had to play it skillfully to land it. Sheila had fished a lot in her short life. She had done this first with a rod and reel and then lately with herself. She loved doing it like this better though. It gave her this immense sense of power to play the fish that had taken her bait and now she would land it.

Many years after the change, perfume companies had almost gone bankrupt. They in desperation had come up with new scents aimed at specific species. Among the first that they had made was a version of Doe-in-Heat. The companies were just out to make money and never realized the effect they would have on people whom had just acquired new forms. Many were hurt or killed as a result of these scents. They were just not able to control new instincts. The government had quickly slapped new regulations of these scents to try and control them. As a result, they had become very hard to get and only adults were allowed to purchase them. Sheila had gotten some and it was her secret weapon.

Cory didn't know that Sheila had this scent, he just became more and more excited. He stepped towards her and as he grew nearer, the scent grew steadily stronger. Cory felt control slipping as he was overwhelmed by instincts that he hadn't had for long. He felt the deer taking over and was powerless to stop it. His body flowed quickly into norm form and Sheila, seeing this, did the same. Within moments, Cory had done what the deer demanded. He could no more stop it that he could have moved a mountain.

He mounted her and in a few moments it was over. He slumped to the ground, still in norm and looked up at Sheila. She had resumed morph form and was looking back at him and laughing!

"I gotcha," She said with a smirk on her face. "My friends said that I couldn't, but I did it. I had a secret weapon. I just knew that you couldn't resist this!" Sheila held up a small bottle. Cory caught a scent of this of this once more and his body betrayed him again. Sheila laughed once more, changed into norm and dashed off into the woods, her continued laughter ringing through the trees.

Cory just lay there. He was stunned. He loved her, God how he loved her. Had Sheila bothered to stay she would have herd her conquest sobbing with a bleating sob. He had been used and betrayed, then cast off like so much refuse. He felt like a fool. Why couldn't he have seen this coming? His feelings were running amok. He felt hatred for this betrayer, sorrow for himself and uncontrollable despair. He managed to get to his feet and start towards his house, forgetting his pack. He changed back to morph at the door and went inside.

His mother met him just inside the door and instantly knew that something was wrong. Cory ran to her, buried his head on her feathered shoulder and sobbed. She didn't say anything, just held him until he was cried out and able to tell her what had happened. She felt hatred for the person that had hurt her son. She had worried that this would happen, but never suspected that the girl was playing with him like that. She did what she had to do and comforted her son. Later she was going to call that doe's mother and give her a piece of her mind, but for now Cory's needs took precedence.

Later, Cory had finally gone to bed. She hoped that he would be OK. He had said that he would never love anyone again. She knew that this wasn't so, for she had gone through a similar experience when younger. The young were resilient and she had no doubt that he would recover. She knew that this little minx had taken something precious from her son. He had lost more than he knew. These things were trust and innocence. Never again would he be able to give himself so readily to another nor so freely. He had learned a dear lesson. Trust in your mind, not in your heart. Your heart will blind and betray you. She shook her head sadly and went to bed. Time would heal.

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