All Better
by James Cole


Jane padded nervously around the waiting room of the hospital, her tail flicked nervously. The catwoman was extremely distressed, her feline face was broadcasting it to everyone, her body movements where strange and erratic. She kept looking to the clock. Her sensitive ears picked up the door opening. The doctor, a flighted falconmorph, came into the waiting room.

"Is she awake doctor!?" Jane nearly screamed. "What is she? Is my daughter awake!?"

Heidi, Jane's daughter, she had been in a coma for nearly 10 years, ever since the car accident in 1990, when Heidi was 6. Jane had no other children, she and her husband had waited for Heidi to wake up. The waiting was horrible, but it became even worse after the change, Jane's husband Ken, had vanished. Jane remembered the day of change but it was so foggy, she blocked much of it. She had awoken to Ken screaming bloody murder. She had watched her husband, the only thing in her life that mattered aside from waiting for Heidi to wake up, be destroyed in front of her eyes. He transformed into steer, all the way into one. She remembered him tearing through the house, destroying every thing. Her life was shattered days later when Ken's body was found in a ditch, a truck had hit him ,it had forced him into morphic, but he was dead. After loss of Ken only Heidi mattered, only waiting for her daughter mattered. For 4 years she had waited with out Ken. For 10 years she saw her daughter age yet not grow up, today was the day Heidi woke up, it had to be. One week ago the doctors had called her, with startling news, Heidi was going through her change. Heidi was growing fur and a tail they had said, Jane of course rushed down to the hospital, only one block, to see. That day the doctor gave her a ray of hope, the change might awaken Heidi. He had said there was a 50% chance that the change would shock her body awake, it had done so for many coma victims. For the entire week Jane has stayed in the hospital, waiting, praying.

"I am truly sorry." The doctor said. "But Heidi is still in her coma, her change did not wake her... she is a red fox in case your wondering."

The news hit Jane like a ton of bricks, Heidi was still in her coma. The change was the only chance Heidi had to wake up. Grief stricken, tears running down her furry face, Jane ran to her daughters room. The room was errie, a hospital room, but all around where things intended for a 6 year old, toys, pitches of horses and foxes. It was sort of a cruel twist of fate, Heidi had loved foxes, and now she was one. In the hospital bed Heidi lay, her breathing the only movement, she was a lovely vixen too. Heidi had long strawberry red hair, her new fur a deep crimson, her eyes still shut, a drab hospital gown over her body. She had digitigraded legs and the strange glove pattern on her legs and arms. Anyone could see Heidi was attractive, her coma had made her thin, but the change had filled out her muscles and even her chest. In her arms clutched tightly was her "wubby", her favorite teddy bear. Jane walked over and stroked he daughters hair, she felt Heidi's face, her fur was silken. Jane looked as a long tail hung limply off the end of the bed, Heidi's tail. Jane began to cry, her daughter, her beautiful daughter, was still not with her. Jane began to sob louder, she ran from her daughters room and was half way down the hall when something dawned on her. She suddenly realized something, Heidi was clutching her teddy bear, she always had her hands limp before, now she was hugging wubby. Meaning she moved, that could be a sign! Jane ran to get the doctor, there was still a chance Heidi would wake up!

Heidi stirred and rolled over, she felt funny. This bed did not feel like her bed, but she had wubby, so she kept trying to sleep. Still she felt funny, he chest felt funny, her bum felt funny. She opened her eyes and found she was not home, it looked like a hospital. Still laying down she looked around, all her things where here, her stuffed fox was even here. All her pitchers where here. Heidi though for a second, mummy must be here too, mummy would tell her what was going on. She would tell mummy she felt funny and mummy would make it all better, mummy always did that, her and daddy. So Heidi got up and got out of bed. Then Heidi's feet felt funny, and something heavy was on her chest, and her bum felt even funnier. So Heidi walked to the door, then she saw it. It was a monster! It was a big doggy lady, Heidi screamed, and ran back to the bed. The doggy lady would come get her, she was sure, so Heidi hid under the bed covers.

Nurse Bradshaw ran towards the scream, the instincts of her husky side screamed at her to help this person, someone have screamed "MONSTER!" but she had no clue who. When she got there doctor Redfeather and a female catmorph had beat her there.

"What is it?" Nurse Bradshaw asked.

"Heidi!!!" Jane shouted. "Don't worry honey mummy is here!"

"A coma patient!" Dr. Redfeather said. "She's been out for 10 years, since she was 6"

"On my god!" Nurse Bradshaw said. "Then she never saw the change! But she has changed?"

"Yes." the doctor replied.

The doctor entered the room and Jane stood near the bed, under the bed covers a trembling figure was huddled.

Heidi was terrified, the dog lady would surely get her. But when she heard mummy's voice she became relived. An odd thought crossed her mind. "Why did we hid under the covers?" she thought. "Surely the monster would still get us." Heidi was confused, that was not her thoughts that was someone else, and they where in her head. This other person sounded grownup. "Of course I am grown up." the person said. "We are 16 years old." The other person was silly Heidi thought, she was 6.

"Heidi?" some one asked, it had to be mummy.

"Mummy?" Heidi whimpered. She thought her voice was funny sounding. "Is it Mummy?"

"Yes sweety." mummy's voice said.

"Mummy! Doggy lady ganna get me!" Heidi whimpered.

"No sweety doggy lady won't hurt you." her mummy said to her.

"I sawed big red doggy lady mummy!" Heidi told her mummy. "Mummy... I feel funny too."

Heidi pulled the covers from her head, she looked around to see a kitty lady, another doggy lady, and a birdie man. The sight was totally terrified. The red doggy lady was no where to be seen, but now more monsters where surrounding her.

"MUMMY!!!" Heidi screamed lashing her tail. "MUMMY!!!"

"Shhhhh!!!" The kitty lady said as she put a hand on Heidi's shoulder. "It's ok mummy is here."

"Mummy??" Heidi said, the kitty lady had mummy's voice. "Mummy! Mummy your a kitty lady!"

Heidi hugged mummy but something was wrong, Heidi realized she was as big as mummy. Some thing on Heidi's chest pushed on mummy. Heidi felt her chest, she had bobbies, for the first time Heidi looked at her hands, she had hands like the red doggy lady.

"We are the... what you call it? The red doggy lady? Yea that's it, that's us" the voice in Heidi's head said. "Can't you see that?"

"Me red doggy lady?" Heidi said.

"Y-yes... sweety." Mummy said stroking Heidi's hair. "Your the red doggy lady."

"Voice said me red doggy lady." Heidi said

"That's we kit." the voice said. "I am here too."

"It must be you instincts." her mummy said. "It's the voice in your head, the vixen is talking to you."

"Vixen?" Heidi asked.

"Yea kit, vixen." The voice said. "Your a fox now kit, I am here to help you. A vixen is a female fox, that's what we are."

"Voice is smart, I fink." Heidi said.

"The subliminal education!" the bird man said. "We but tapes on ahead set at night to educate her. It was experimental, looks like it worked."

"The doc is right kit" the voice said. "I know lots of stuff cause they where trying to educate you while you where asleep."

"It's amazing!" The doggy lady said. "It's like a separate entity."

"Not for long..." The voice said, I can tell it's going to be to hard for you with out the knowledge I posses."

"Huh?" Heidi said. "What you mean not for long?"

Heidi's head felt like it was on fire, her mind raced as knowledge from her subliminal education filled her brain. Everything fell into place, or rather was dropped aburptly. Heidi started to cry, the hugeness of what just happened overpowering. Her entire childhood was gone now, and would never return. He cries grew loud, becoming howls of pain. Jane rushed to her daughters side, holding her shoulders. The young vixen grasped her mother's fur digging her muzzle into the soft gray stuff. She became a whimpering ball of fur, sobbing deeply, her head in pain.

Heidi looked out the bay window of her living room. She pressed her paw like hand on the glass. Mournfully she watched small children playing kick ball in the park. She sighed deeply, then looked on the sidewalk. Walking hand-in-hand a massive male rhinomorph and a small female mousemorph, they looked so happy, the mouse chittering to her rhino boyfriend. Heidi gave a dull whimper, her life was so confusing, she no longer was a child, but was far flung socially from her peers, who could anyone understand her position?

"Heidi?" Jane said.

"Oh.. hi mum..." Heidi said weakly to her mother.

"Are you ok?" Jane asked her whiskers twitching. "You've been this way.. since you came home. I know it's going to be hard for you. Are you sure you want to enroll in school again? We can get a tutor for you..."

"No mum... I need to readjust to life.." Heidi said with a sigh. "I can't live isolated my entire life... The doctor said I was really smart, I'll go into the grade I would if I had not been... away for those years."

"It's errie sweety... I had no actual plan for when you woke up... I had hoped you'd still be young enough to adjust easy." Jane said.

"It can't be helped." Heidi whimpered. "I have to try now... I'm afraid..."

Jane hugged her daughter, in the old days this would be enough to make everything better, mommy would simply give her a hug, and it would be all better. But Heidi knew nothing could ever make things the way they where. No matter how much she wished it, nothing could ever make things all better.

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